And so it begins

After more than two decades as an entrepreneur and executive, I decided I needed to take a break and retool. After working for over 2 decades in a variety of roles in the technology world, and but busy as I was, I felt that there was an important shift happening because as the internet continued to grow in reach and capability, emerging disciplines such as lean startup, customer development, as well as innovative business models and organizational structures enabled by technology. For the past two years, I embarked in the cause of building the startup ecosystem in North Alabama and through this effort immersed myself in a new and exciting world, that from the other side of the corporate divide appeared strange and even menacing to many of my executive peers.

Working with entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and other stakeholders in the quest to give birth to sustainable startups has been thrilling and challenging. I have learned a lot and gained incredible connections and insight into the entrepreneurial community, not just in Alabama but also in the Southeast and beyond.

During this time I have also been exploring different opportunities to serve and continue my professional path. I would embark in the occasional short-term consulting engagement but my focus was primarily Rocket Hatch, the non-profit organization I helped to found (and fund) in 2014.

This summer I decided to put my main efforts in my private professional practice. As a first step, I have decided to consolidate my consulting in a concise offering, centered around digital strategy and innovation. This is, after all, the main drive of what I have done professional since the time of my first company in college.

Technology continues to accelerate driving increased efficiencies and sometimes radical leaps in multiple areas of business such as marketing, sales, collaboration, and logistics to name just a few. The technological tools required to implement these changes have evolved dramatically in just a few decades, and the speed at which they evolve increases every year. The cost of the technology and its implementation is decreasing at an incredible pace, just think of email, which used to require significant investments in software, hardware and trained staff for implementation; yet, less than 14% of companies globally are using one of the two main cloud email vendors

On the other side of the spectrum, these emerging technologies are leveling the playing field for startups and savvy small businesses that can leverage enterprise-class technologies on-demand and at a fraction of the cost of much larger organizations. Furthermore, new entrants in the market are coming up with much simpler and nimbler solutions for anything from standing up a website, to marketing automation, to production management, to customer relationship management.

For savvy businesses, it will be critical to retool and leverage these new technologies in a way that increases their bottom line and positions them for growth and to be competitive in the market. But implementing these changes is not trivial, it requires knowledge of the corporate ways as well as speaking the language and leveraging the ways of startups. 

If you are an established company feeling the pressure and disruption of nimbler startups or if you are graduating from startup phase and need to prepare for scaling, you should contact us and turn disruption into opportunity!


Antonio Montoya

Information Technology is transforming exponentially organizations and individuals. Digital technologies are transforming how we work, collaborate, sell, market and brand our businesses and ourselves. If you want to leverage the emerging digital infrastructure and associated strategies; I can help you guide your efforts in the areas of branding, web marketing, sales and marketing automation.